Affordable tax preparation service in Syracuse, New York. Offering in-person, walk-in, and virtual conference appointments to tax filers all year round.

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Q What is your pricing?

Tax Service Pricing
Line Item Forms:

Note: We will never enter our account
information into the section of your
refund. Pay by refund is not offered at
this time.


$150.00 -1040 (individual tax return)
$15.00 -1040X (hourly rate)
$60.00 - Schedule A (itemized)
$95.00 - Schedule C (business)
$55.00 + $2.00 per entry Schedule D
$75.00 - Schedule E (rentals etc.)
$95.00 - Schedule F (farming)

$45 - EIC (Earned Income Credit)
$30 - 8863 (American Opportunity)
$25 - 8812 (Child Tax Credit)


Free - New York Full-Year Resident
$55.00 - Part-Year Resident Return
$65.00 - Nonresident Return
$25.00 - Yonkers Resident
$25.00 - New York City Resident
$95.00 - MCTMT (self-employed)


Free - Schedule 1, 2, and 3
Free - E-file Federal Return
Free - E-file State Return
Free - Paper return
Free - Digital Signatures
Free - Any appointment

Free - Pay by check or cash
2.04% + $0.25 debit/credit card
8.00% - Sales tax (no card fee)
$99.00 - Booking fee (messy records)

Example 1
Single Taxpayer

1040 Schedule 1
1040 Schedule 2
1040 Schedule 3
State tax return (full year resident) (basic entries)
Paid by check
Sales tax applied

Total Cost: $162.00

Example 2
Married Filings Jointly with two child dependents

1040 Schedule 1
1040 Schedule 2
1040 Schedule 3
Schedule EIC (Earned Income Tax Credit)
8812 (Child Tax Credit/Additional Child Tax Credit)
State tax return (full year resident)
Paid by debit card
Sales tax applied

Total Cost: $243.55

Example 3
Head of Household with one child and adult dependent

1040 Schedule 1
1040 Schedule 2
1040 Schedule 3
Schedule EIC (Earned Income Tax Credit)
8812 (Child Tax Credit/Other Dependent Credit)
8863 (American Opportunity Credit)
State tax return (part-year resident)
Schedule C (self-employed)
Unorganized business income and expense documents (booking fee)
Paid by check
Sales tax applied

Total Cost: $538.92

Q How do I setup an appointment?

Setup appointment online through our website, by phone, email, social media or in person (virtual conferences available).
Appointment Instructions:

Online - Just click the "Appointment Setup"
button at the top or check out our
social media page at the bottom.

Phone - call anytime 24/7 @ (315) 777-1897
and leave a message. Your call will
be returned promptly.

Email - support@northernpiketaxsolutions
or select email link at the bottom.

Walk-in - Office Building:
404 Oak Street Suite 106
Syracuse, NY 13203

Office Directions:
1.) If you enter the front door from
the main road, walk directly
down the steps to your front and
take a left.
First door on the left (office
number labeled on door).

2.) If you enter from the backdoor
of the building via the parking
lot entrance, walk down the
hallway until you come to a
stairwell ascending upwards.
From there, turn right. First door
on the left (office number
labeled on door).

Q What documents do I need for my first appointment?

Initial Appointment (if applicable):

Drivers License or form of identification.
Social Security card or tax ID number and dates of birth.
Copy of last year tax filing.
If legally blind, provide medical documentation.
Birth Certificates of filers and dependents you wish to claim.
Proof of residency.
W-2 forms from any employer.
W-2 G certain gambling winnings.
IRS 1099-G unemployment or other government income.
IRS 1099-INT interest income.
IRS 1099-NEC non-employee compensation.
IRS 1099-R distributions of pensions and annuities.
IRS 1099-DIV dividends from stock paid to you.
IRS 1099-B proceeds from broker and barter exchange.
IRS 1099-S sale, rental, or investment of real estate.
IRS 1099-OID original issue discount interest.
1099-LTC long-term care or accelerated death benefits.
IRS 1099-MISC additional income paid to you (royalties, etc.).
IRS notice 1444 Economic Impact Payment (EIP).
Social Security/RRB income (SSA-1099, RRB-1099).
Record transactions of any stock, options, futures, or any tradable security.
Record of cryptocurrency transactions.
Self-employment records of income and expenses.
Trust income and gifts.
State tax refund.
Record of alimony or child support paid to you with ex-spouse name and SSN.
Proof of any additional income and taxes paid on it.
IRS 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement.
IRS 1099-SA distributions from HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare advantage MSA.
IRS 1098-T billed tuition expenses at a college or university.
IRS 1098-E interest paid on qualified student loan.
IRS series 5498 form for contributions to retirement plans.
IRS 1098 mortgage interest statement.
IRS 1040-ES estimated tax already paid that is not subject to withholding.
Proof of charitable contributions.
Spouse/dependents full name, date of birth, and social security number or tax ID number.
IRS 8332 custodial parent releases right to claim child to you.
Proof of childcare records.
Proof or letter of release from custodial parent that child dependent lived with you for more than six months (for certain child tax credits).
Proof of educator expenses.
Proof of income from dependents or adults in your home.
Routing and accounting information.
Identity protection PIN if it were issued to you by the IRS.

Q What forms and tax services do you offer?

Tax Preparation Services Offered:

Individual tax returns only.
Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Head of Household, and Qualified Widow(er).
Self-employment and one-member LLC filings only.
Schedule A itemized deductions.
Schedule C business net profit or loss sole proprietor only.
Schedule D sale or exchange of capital assets.
Schedule E income or loss rental real estate, royalties, trusts, etc.
Schedule F farm income and expenses sole proprietor only.
Schedule 1 (capital gains, unemployment, gambling winnings etc.) filings.
Schedule 2 (alternative minimum tax paid or excess repayment of premium tax credit) filings.
Schedule 3 (non-refundable credits such as educator expenses and childcare expenses etc.) filings.
Schedule EIC (Earned Income Tax Credit Qualification Analysis)
American Opportunity Tax Credit & Lifetime Learning Credits.
Child Tax Credit.
Additional Child Tax Credit.
Credit for Other Dependents.
New York state tax return only.
Nonresident and Part-Year Resident.
Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (self-employed).
Yonkers and New York City residents.
Any additional forms as required by specific tax situation.
Amendments to individual tax filings from previous years.
Year-round availability via phone, email, social media, virtual conference, and in-person walk-ins or appointments at our office location in downtown Syracuse (non-tax season hours may vary).
Non-official assistance in working to repay what is owed to the IRS and New York state through providing of resources and help in calculations of repayment.
24/7 customer support available via phone, email, and social media.

Q What is your data security policy?

Digital Safeguards
When you work with Northern Pike Tax Solutions, you can be sure that your information is well protected over secure systems and the internet:

Use of encryption in correspondence and files.
Virtual Private Networks.
Anti-virus software.
Two-Factor Authentication.
Continual monitoring of data irregularities.
No digital database that exists for hackers to mine personal information.

Physical Safeguards
Extra physical measures are taken to ensure your security at all times:

Backup of tax filings that are secure of data breaches and hacker exploitation.
Personal passwords created by clients for telephone discussions and disclosure of information over the phone.
Shredding and proper disposal of all unnecessary documents.
Use of black out sharpies on files that are waiting to be destroyed or put into use.
Office location has multiple locked entry points and 24/7 camera monitoring.
Password protections and lock-screen features on all devices in the tax office.
Security classifications of files and their expected life-use.

Q What is your Covid-19 policy?

Social Distancing
Our office will never have anymore than one group of filers in the tax office conducting their appointment at any given time. Our workflow consists of two hour appointment time intervals where one client group may be in the office filling out forms and answering questions while another is in the waiting lobby no more than 15 minutes prior to their designated appointment time.

Virtual Appointment
Virtual appointments via Zoom is offered to all clients and encouraged to all clients who request it (see appointment scheduling). Everything that is done in the office can be done via Zoom virtual conference. Please make sure your device has audio and video features. In addition to this, please have an active email account and phone that can be used to trade encrypted files with two-factor authentication.

Masks and Gloves
Masks are required to be worn in the building and office during walk-ins and appointment times. If you need a mask or additional protection such as gloves, please feel free to ask as they will be available to you for personal use and free of charge.

Hand sanitizer and alcohol cloth wipes will be available for your personal use. In addition to this, there will be a thorough cleaning of all chairs, doorknobs, and office equipment between client appointments and before the office closes for the day.

Contact Tracing
We keep an adequate record of who enters our office throughout the work week. If any Covid-19 cases or illness should arise with one of our clients and we are made aware it, we will check our schedules and figure out who may have been exposed for that day. You will be contacted within 24 hours of possible exposure by our office. Information will also be forwarded to the health department.

In the event such a situation occurs, all future appointments will be notified and conducted via virtual conference to ensure client health safety.

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